Attività eventi Valle Po
Territory & Activities

Winter sports and ski-tourism at the foot of Monviso

Attività ed eventi sul territorio - Valle Po e Monviso

Looking out onto the entire alpine arc and dominated by the spectacular presence of Monviso, Paesana and the Po Valley offer unforgettable views to winter visitors.

Skiers can have fun at the ski resorts of Pian Muné and Crissolo-Pian della Regina, with slopes of varying difficulties and areas with facilities for families and children.
For those who love relaxing and enjoying the mountains, Parco Naturale del Monviso offers countless leisure opportunities, in an uncontaminated environment where nature has remained intact. From walking in snow shoes or cross-country skis, with clearly signposted itineraries for all levels of skill, to snowboarding and sledding, you’ll be spoiled for choice.
Ski-tourism is also very popular, offering a chance to enjoy the snowy slopes until well into spring, exploring the timeless beauty of the mountain in its purest form.

Some of the excursions we recommend:

  • Briccas or Trucchet (2426 m)
  • Monte Meidassa (3105 m)
  • Punta Ostanetta (2385 m)
  • Testa di Cervetto (2356 m)
  • Testa di Garitta Nuova (2385 m)
  • Viso Mozzo (3051 m)

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Remember that climbing skills, good equipment and knowledge of how to manage danger are essential.
To cope with the risks, you must carry ARVA equipment and check the weather conditions and information on avalanches in the area.
For information and suggestions, always consult our guides and the maps available at Reception, to choose the itineraries and activities that best suit your needs.