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The testimony: “I live here, in Paesana”

Attività ed eventi sul territorio - Valle Po e Monviso

We are in Marchetti di Agliasco, a hamlet of Paesana, a natural balcony over the whole Po Valley, where the view of Monviso is priceless!

We are welcomed among the roots of the chestnut trees by a family; five languages, life spent in four different countries and the decision to stop in a place full of energy, a place in which to live and raise Daniel.

“The first time we came here, there were just woods and untended land, an old, abandoned and partly derelict village, but we already had visions of it as it is today or, better still, the way it will be in the future! We still have a lot of work to do, but with the help of our friends we intend to keep on restoring this place”.

Entering the village, it’s impossible not to notice the fresco by Giors Boneto under the porch, a sign of the origins of life in this place. We cross the perfectly tended garden to walk down among the blueberry bushes, fruit trees, goji berry plants and vegetables, grown using the permaculture method.

“Representing three generations of travellers, we consider accommodation and hospitality essential to our way of life. The room at the B&B Le Baitine is always open to those who decide to spend a few days here with us”.

Climbing back towards the village, we notice Daniel’s “Indian tent”, which becomes a tepee for purification and meditation led by Marina and Pablo. The spiritual part of the family is a constant presence and it becomes tangible in the activities proposed: yoga, meditation, breathing and support during pregnancy by a doula.

The desire to live sustainably and with just what’s essential is also evident from the 5-km walked or cycled every day to school or to the shops.

Daniel waves to us from his dad Andreas’s shoulders: it’s time to go to nursery school.

Source: Espaci Monviso

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