Attività eventi Valle Po
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Attività ed eventi sul territorio - Valle Po e Monviso

There are lots of trips and excursions available in the Po Valley and the pathways are well signposted.

Those with some climbing experience will find endless possibilities for action here, both in winter and summer. From half-day walks through the chestnut woods to more difficult high-altitude trekking, the mountains and pathways offer countless opportunities for outdoor sports lovers, with the possibility to admire the local flora and fauna. It isn’t rare to see ibex, chamois goats, marmots, stoats, eagles and a rare species of salamander, endemic in the Alpi Cozie mountains.
The leading role goes unquestionably to Monviso (3841 m), the highest peak in the province of Cuneo, which dominates the entire valley with its imposing presence. At its base, the Quintino Sella Shelter welcomes climbers and trippers from all over the world, who come here to climb and enjoy excursions on its numerous peaks.
For information on itineraries, you can consult our maps, charts and guides at the library and Internet Point.
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