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Occit’Amo – The multi-sensory festival of the Occitan Valleys

Occitamo - Festival delle Valli occitane

Occit’Amo is Occitan entertainment, dancing and music. But it’s also culture, the outdoors, books and good food. All this in a splendid setting, capable of moving among the valleys and plains, against the backdrop of Monviso.

The dates: 7 July and 15 August. The beginning and the end of a festival that grows and goes beyond the boundaries, lasting six weeks, capable of communicating with the place where it takes shape.
The Stura, Maira and Po/Infernotto Valleys, the Saluzzo Plain, and the Varaita and Grana Valleys are ready to welcome 19 musical groups from all over Italy, France, Bosnia and the former Yugoslavia, with a particular focus on the sounds that come from the Spanish minorities, with guests from Catalonia, the Basque area, Galicia, Aragon and Asturias.
Folk music is the bridge language par excellence, a natural amalgamation of dance steps, in collective embraces with a shared rhythm, with an exuberant desire to play music and create a contact with the public.
Occitan music and culture will be the absolute protagonists, presented in multiple art forms ranging from dance to performance, solo and choral singing, through to cinema and prose, and linked by a very close connection to the local landscape and artistic heritage: the footpaths, chalets, hills, churches, chapels, convents, prestigious historical and architectural sites will be the natural stage.
Flag bearer of this edition will be the famous Bosnian composer and musician Goran Bregovic. His music originates from gypsy and Southern Slav themes and is the result of the traditional polyphonic folk music of the Balkans with tango and brass bands.

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